About the 37 Practices study guide

This study guide for The 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva is being posted in real time beginning in June 2017. It began as notes for a class I’m teaching, for participants who wanted to keep up when they had to miss a class. Then a few students who couldn’t attend the class began using it as a way to study the 37 practices along with us, and now my aspiration is for it to be useful as a support for anyone who is interested in exploring this 14th-century text that speaks so directly to life in the 21st-century West. There are a number of contemporary commentaries on the 37 practices. Click here for the resources we’re using.

Because this is a blog, there is no table of contents in the proper order. Or maybe I just don’t know how to do that yet–always a work in progress! (So far I can’t even get all my categories to show up — I do have one for the 37 practices.)

For now at least, how the study guide works is that I post a new verse pretty much each week, after the corresponding class. The post includes the verse translation and audio, class notes based on the commentaries and discussion, and a link to audio of the class itself (also found in the blogroll to the right of each page).

To see a list of all the posts related to the 37 practices, go to the list of tags and click on “37 practices.” The posts are more or less in descending order (newest first), but not completely, so you may have to scroll to find the verse you’re looking for. Only so many posts will fit on one page, so you may need to click on the link at the bottom of a page to see “older posts.”

Each post has links at the end to audio of the classes and to the next verse.

Soon I’ll have a link to all the verses in one place (not yet) so it will be easy to chant them all together. That’s not in place as of early August 2017 (we’re just on verse 5) but in case I forget to delete this paragraph right away, feel free to check as it may exist by the time you read this.

There is a lot of housekeeping to do on a blog like this, and I’m no tech whiz, so thanks for your patience as I continue to explore what is possible within the blog format, and hopefully continue to improve organization and usability.

Feedback and inquiries are welcome by email if you have my address, or via my Facebook page: Lama Chodron Linda Jordan.