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chodron at stupa cropped

This photo was taken in front of the KTC stupa in 2012. One day I’ll update it.

I started the blog in 2008 at the beginning of my three-year retreat at KTC, with Lama Norlha’s permission, as a way to keep in touch with my fellow practitioners at Kagyu Samten Choling, KTC’s affiliated center in New Hampshire, where I had served as resident teacher for seven years before retreat. With no phone, internet or email, I wrote the posts and snail-mailed them to be posted online. The NH center continues to meet for meditation on Tuesday evenings in Portsmouth.

I wrote about one post a month the first year, and hardly any in years two and three. When my retreat ended in April 2011, I started up again, posting only occasionally until this year, when I started an online class on Togme Zangpo’s 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva.

You will find here a number of posts about what a three-year retreat is like, a lot of “Dharma pep talks” to encourage practice, and now a study guide to the 37 practices, created both as a way for class participants to keep up when they miss a class and also as a support for anyone who is interested.

It’s a work in progress, begun in June 2017. I hope impermanence allows me to finish it! The study guide starts here, and the list of recommended resources is here.

If you want to contact me, I’m on Facebook as Lama Chodron Linda Jordan.

Wishing you a swift path to awakening, free from obstacles.

Yeshe Chodron, aka Linda Jordan, July 2017


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  1. Lydia says:

    Hi there Chodron,
    Just read some of your blogg! It came from the Long Island Center and after I read some I wanted to know who had written it. Suprise!!! it’s you! LOL
    I am so happy for you,,, (in case I never told you that before,,) xoxoxoxo L

  2. wendyyee says:

    hola 5 27 am 1-22-14

  3. wendyyee says:

    breathing in,–..out;
    divine stuff goin’ on…..
    also mosquitoes.


  4. wendyyee says:

    facets of one

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