37 practices translation

Please note that I’m translating the text as the class progresses, so the translation is not finished yet. As of this posting in April 2018, we’re working on the paramitas, and the rest of the verses will be posted as I complete them.

Also note: I’ve made some changes in a few verses to allow the last line or two to stand alone for purposes of abbreviated chanting and memorization (the lines are in italics,and the changes are underlined). I haven’t yet had a chance to update the individual posts, so as of April 2018 a few of the originally posted verses differ slightly from the current translation. Updates coming soon, meanwhile, either translation is fine to work with; the current one should always be in the list linked below.

Here’s the link:

37 Practices 2017 verses 29

For audio of the verses, for now you’ll have to go to the individual posts, though I have grouped a few (verses 1-7 and verses 8-10). I’ll do more groupings soon so most of the audio will be easily accessible here, and when I finish the translation in the next couple of months, I’ll include an audio file of the whole text.