At KTC Monastery and its affiliated dharma centers, traditional practices are usually chanted in the Tibetan language. Because many practitioners have reached enlightenment through these words over hundreds of years, they are imbued with great blessings. It is also useful to know some Tibetan because it will be years or even generations before standard, comprehensive translations into English have been developed, and many important texts have not yet been translated at all.

To make it easier for us to chant in Tibetan, all the practices we do have been phoneticized. To help us understand the meaning, translations are also available, and any of our practices may also be done in English using these translations.

Study of the Tibetan language is of great benefit in deepening one's understanding of the practice and view of Vajrayana Buddhism. It isn't necessary to become fluent in Tibetan, but it is very helpful even to know a few important words


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