KSC in Portsmouth NH



We begin this month looking at the slogans for the fifth point of mind training: evaluating our practice. Thrangu Rinpoche divides the aspects of evaluating into four sections, which fits neatly with the month. So, for this week, the slogan to contemplate is
 "Of the two witnesses, attend to the principal one."

The section of the text for this slogan, "Relying on Yourself as a Measure of Mind Training," is quite short. It suggests that we ourselves, not others, are in the best position to determine whether our own practice is successful or not. So, rely on your own mind, your own judgment, not that of others, when looking at your own practice. The section closes with gentle encouragement:
"Even if we are not trying our best, just thinking, 'It would be good if I could' is also fine. Even if we are not feeling that way, just the attitude that thinks the teachings on mind training are 'really precious teachings and I hope one day to get into them' is also fine. In this way, it is beneficial to evaluate whether or not we have the right attitude and the noble intention of diminishing self-cherishing and cherishing others higher."


"Meditation practice provides the stabilizing factor by producing a benefit that will not be lost, but continues as a stable element of our experience. In particular, the practice of shi nay is important because whatever merit we accumulate, whatever virtuous tendencies we reinforce, all gain a degree of stability when the mind has been calmed."
-----Kalu Rinpoche, The Dharma



Regular schedule: Kagyu Samten Choling meets Tuesday evenings at the West End Studio Theater (WEST), 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Whenever possible, we open the doors early at 7:15pm. If we're not there early, please wait for us.

Newcomers are always welcome at any of our activities.  Instruction and orientation are provided as needed.

Our regular Tuesday meetings throughout the year consist of a brief period of study and discussion, followed by 30-45 minutes of calm abiding (shinay, shamatha) and walking meditation.       



Instructions for taking and sending meditation and a list of selected Seven Points of Mind Training slogans are available on the website for continuing review and practice.