BARRINGton nh : First sunday morning of each month

portsmouth NH : First tuesday evening of each month

Medicine Buddha practice: First Sunday morning of each month from 10:30-11:30 in Barrington. We chant the practice in Tibetan (or occasionally English),with instruction and review as needed, then engage in a short period of silent meditation. No prior knowledge or experience is needed. Newcomers are always welcome, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, at any level of experience, including beginners.

First Tuesday evening of each month at 7:30 in  Portsmouth.                                                          We have recently added a short practice of Medicine Buddha to our Portsmouth schedule.

Please contact us to add a name to our prayer list.

We have posted a short Medicine Buddha practice that may be done by anyone.

Lama Norlha Rinpoche bestowed the Medicine Buddha Empowerment Ceremony and gave a teaching on the benefits and practice of Medicine Buddha on Sunday, November 14, at the West End Studio Theater, Portsmouth. He also gave a talk at the Portsmouth Unitarian Church, on "Transforming Illlness and Adversity into The Path of Awakening."

Rinpoche emphasized the benefits of the Medicine Buddha practice for oneself and others, whether one is a Buddhist or not. He said it can be practiced by anyone of any religion or spiritual path, and he spoke in particular of the benefits of the practice for healers who want to enhance the effectiveness of their healing techniques.

Rinpoche also urged us to meet regularly to do the Medicine Buddha practice together, and said this would be of great benefit not only to the practitioners themselves, but to anyone who is ill and to all beings. Anyone is welcome to join us at either location, either as a regular participant, or occasionally, or just to see what the practice is like. Non-Buddhists are welcome.

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